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for electricity

Savings of 17 to 40% of current consumption
Save energy:
from 25 to 40%
For industrial
from 18 to 25%
For shopping centers
and retail stores
from 18 to 25%
For storage
from 17 to 22%
For centers
data handling
Due to what
1. We compensate reactive power
The presence of reactive power leads to significant power losses - overloading of transformers, power cable lines overheating, voltage drop, reducing the allocation of active power.

The optimal power factor (cos φ close to 1) allows you to optimize the performance and reduce electrical losses in power supply enterprise.
2. Eliminates harmonic distortion and high frequency
Devices that contain a current rectifiers, give a large number of disturbances (interference), called harmonics.

Harmonics - a parasitic energy transmitted at frequencies other than the fundamental frequency of 50 Hz, and distorting the shape of a sinusoidal signal.

To combat harmonics filters are used to improve the power quality in the network and, when properly selected parameters, allows the company to significantly reduce power consumption.
3. Stabilize the frequency and voltage of the network
As a result of the installation of the complex stabilizes the voltage and frequency of the internal corporate network.

After the installation of the complex reduce network failures. The equipment operates longer term due to high-quality power supply to consumers, which increases the service life of equipment overhaul and reduces costs for the current repair of electrical equipment.
We provide a free audit of the power to determine the possible savings
Our clients
JSC "Neva drying"
In 2010 it was installed and put into operation Energy-saving setting, which allowed to increase production and reduce the cost of your electricity bill.
JSC "Loaf"
After working to reduce energy loss, and balancing the entire grid was completed.
After the introduction of energy-saving equipment declined payment for the consumed electricity, the power consumption when performing the same amount of work has decreased in 2 times.
X5 Retail Group
In 2016 a pilot project was carried out. As a result of the successful implementation of ongoing projects in the company of other supermarkets.
+ more than 50 other implementations
Fill out the questionnaire and send it to us for analysis. We will find a way to save for your company!
Look at the results of the three projects
More than 50 ready-made objects all over Russia
Save up to 40% of electricity consumed
Sava pack is 40% of-elektrikity konsumed
You can leave a description of your production
our specialists make a preliminary calculation of savings
How we are working
Discussion of the draft
Together with you, fill in the questionnaire and make a preliminary calculation of economic efficiency of the project

Free energy audits
We carry out an energy audit of your enterprise the power supply, prepare an offer with the justification of economic efficiency of the project, the cost of equipment and terms
Signing of the contract
The decision to start the project and signing a contract for the supply of equipment and performance of works

Get an advance and place an order for manufacturing of equipment
Installation and commissioning
Supply and installation of equipment, setting up hardware and software solutions and launch into commercial operation
Annual maintenance of the project tracking parameters of the complex, fine-tuning of the equipment
Our partners
CRIC implements integrated solutions for the construction and modernization of corporate information systems and situational centers.

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    • Address: 123317, Moscow, Presnenskaya embankment, 8, building 1, office 603M, City Tower "Federation"
    • Phone: +7 (495) 748-02-28
    • e-mail: welcome@fenrus.ru
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